The Armand Poulin Memorial Green Up Day poster art contest is a fun project for many art classes in January when there is usually plenty of snow on the ground. It gives kids an opportunity to think about the spring ahead and how they can influence the litter problem as it begins to creep out of the snowbanks.

“Every year we see bright and sunny happy images — how Green Up Day makes us feel — and dark and dreary images, the what-if-Green-Up-Day did not exist scenario,” Green Up executive director Kate Alberghini said. “Usually, we see around 200-250 entries. This year we had 654. It is fantastic to see student engagement, in all age groups, on the rise. They are genuinely becoming more aware, more concerned and more involved in environmental stewardship.”

Longtime judges David Schutz and Hale Ritchie had their work cut out for them in reviewing the art in every medium, from crayons to watercolors. The overall contest winner, whose art will be featured on the Green Up Day posters, is Penelope, a fifth grader from Ludlow. The grade nine to 12 category winner is Amelie, a tenth grader from Dorset; the grade five to eight winner is Audrey, an eighth grader from Shelburne; and the winner for grades kindergarten to fourth is Gabriel, fourth grade of Underhill.

In addition to artwork, there is a writing contest. From essays to poems, kids relay their concerns and love for Green Up Day. The winner of the writing contest is Juliette, an eighth grader from Montpelier.

Cash prizes are awarded to each winner.

Green Up Day this year is Saturday, May 6.

To learn how to get involved with Green Up Vermont go to

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