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About 100 years ago, Vermont was three degrees cooler than it is today; 80 years from now, it’s going to be anywhere from three to 12 degrees hotter, according to David Grass, an environmental health program manager with the Vermont Department of Health.

Sept. 19 at 7:36 a.m., police reported that two runaway juveniles from Burlington and a juvenile female from Shelburne were parked in a car at the end of Winter Haven Road and were intoxicated.

With the Red Sea and the Arabian Peninsula to the east, the Nile River cutting through much of the country, and countries like Egypt, Ethiopia, Chad and Libya surrounding it, Sudan makes for a hotbed of ethnic and cultural diversity.

This year’s Kelly Brush Ride raised more than $1 million for the first time ever and, as a result the Kelly Brush Foundation will be able to award $1 million in adaptive sports equipment grants this year.

The Shelburne Fire Department is flipping pancakes again for its annual pancake breakfast on…

A lot of misinformation is being circulated regarding the abortion-rights amendment known as Article 22 or Proposal 5, which will appear as a ballot measure on Nov. 8. As a member of the Legislature and a physician practicing obstetrics and gynecology for 40 years, I would like to offer my perspective.

The voucher program for the homeless, highlighted in the Sept. 22 issue of Shelburne News, is just one aspect of a larger problem currently facing precariously housed residents.

I often invest time and energy in serious investigative journalism, particularly when questions need answers, situations require far more than a superficial glance or subtle threats have infiltrated without setting off too many alarm bells.

At its last meeting, the Shelburne Planning Commission voted to remove the mixed residential character district from the Shelburne Road form-based code overlay district.

Hello old friend

Lewis Thomas was one of America’s great essayists. He often wrote about the biological wonders that exist on our planet.

For the past six weeks a group of residents in the Queen City Park neighborhood of South Burlington has been standing at the corner of Pine Street and Queen City Park Road passing out flyers informing motorists about where Pine will dead end at Queen City Park Road.