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The Shelburne Finance Committee is discussing the possibility of implementing a local option tax in town, which would tack on a small percentage to various sales taxes to raise revenue.

We checked in with Shelburne Selectboard candidates to see what their thoughts are regarding local topics. Here are their responses/opinions, edited for length.

In the middle of a climate change crisis, the Vermont Department of Public Service wants to make it more expensive for people to install solar power by recommending cuts to Vermont’s highly successful net-metering program.

Considering the excellent job acting Shelburne police chief Michael Thomas has done amid the sorry handling of the Noble fiasco and his length of service to the town, why are we looking abroad for a new chief?

I love words. They’re so practical. And free. We collect them throughout our lives, like artifacts of our experience, almost unaware of their power and potential.

I would like to address the settlement with former police chief Aaron Noble. I am writing this as clearly and carefully as I can to give the fullest picture of the events, noting the causes, and what I think we need to do to prevent similar events in the future.

We greatly appreciate Stephen Brandon and Shelley Crombach are trying to come to some middle ground with their neighbors, and we look forward to potentially arriving at a mutually acceptable compromise.