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Janice Russotti took this photo at dusk on Jan. 3 looking west across Shelburne Bay toward S…

One year ago, on Jan. 6, the U.S. Capitol — the symbol of the democracy we all cherish — was attacked by a mob intent on overturning the decision of American voters to elect Joseph Biden as their 46th president.

Thank you, Sen. Thomas Chittenden, for sharing your goals and inviting feedback of numerical and 21st century style infrastructure growth for a Vermont of more people and lower taxes.

The importance of conscience protection for health care workers, most often in the context of permitting hospital staff to request to be excused from participation in abortions, has broad public support and is endorsed by the Vermont Medical Society.

While this is a fairly somber start to the new year with Omicron cases rising and the end of the pandemic still out of sight, I hope you are finding hope, joy and warmth as we turn the page on 2021.

When my siblings and I were growing up and we did something untoward that got us into trouble my mother would say, “Let that be a lesson to you!”

I want to respond to the recent article in the Shelburne News regarding the size of the police force in Shelburne and the complex issues that currently confront the department.