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Your local guide to the global outbreak.

As the coronavirus infected Vermont, driving much of the population into quarantine, a seemingly random array of products disappeared from grocery store shelves. Toilet paper, hand sanitizer and pasta all became scarce as shoppers obeyed a perplexing logic in the face of pandemic panic.

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Champlain Valley Union High School is collaborating with its Essex and South Burlington cohorts to put together a socially distant – and no doubt memorable – graduation.

As grey hairs poke their heads up like seedlings capturing the season’s first warm light, and split ends make their presence known, many are wondering when they can return to their beloved hair salons.

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The soft, folksy songs of Burlington band Cricket Blue practically beckon the listener to come closer.

Since March, duo Laura Heaberlin and Taylor Smith have had to keep fans at more than arm’s length, awaiting safer days for live performances.

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Samantha Aikman and Delilah Kramer have created an online gallery featuring art that captures the experience of being a Vermont student during the time of COVID-19. Both 16-years-old, the two are sophomores participating in Big Picture South Burlington, a project-based program at South Burlington High School.

Hawko, a 1990 graduate of the Naval Academy, said, “Today, we honor those who made it their responsibility to serve our country, and in doing so returned, not to cheering crowds and the longed-for arms of loving families, but quietly, as heroes who paid the ultimate price for the freedom that we so cherish.” He noted that Memorial Day started in 1868, 152 years ago, to honor the 500,000 wh…

On Thursday, May 14, a line of around 100 cars, with headlights blinking and horns honking, stretched from Staples Plaza to South Williams Street, the site of the University of Vermont president’s house.

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A South Burlington emergency room doctor, who was busted on state voyeurism charges last month, is now facing a mandatory 15-year minimum sentence for federal child pornography charges, officials said.

Maybe prophets are not appreciated in their hometown, but one outstanding counselor is appreciated for her efforts at the school where she’s worked for two decades.

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May 16, 5:30 p.m., Two young women were reported twirling on the side of the road near the intersection of Bostwick Road and Wake Robin Drive. An officer recommended they twirl someplace safer.

Camp Outright, held at the beautiful Common Ground Center in Starksboro, is a week-long residential summer camp program for queer, trans, questioning and allied youth.

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In November of 2019, Vermont Technical College (VTC) announced that it ranks first in the state for return on investment. The study by Georget…