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Jan. 24 at 9:18 a.m., an unwanted guest was reportedly refusing to leave Harbor Place. Police were dispatched and the man was escorted off the property.

Here's how the CVU Redhawks did this week.

On Sunday, Feb. 5 at 3 p.m., the Ethan Allen Homestead Museum will host a book club discussion of “Seven Years of Grace: The Inspired Mission of Ascha W. Sprague” by Sara Rath. The book is an historical novel based on a true story and steeped in primary source research about one of America’s best-known spiritualists of the 19th century.

Ask questions and share concerns with the 2023 candidates for Shelburne Selectboard and district school board on Tuesday, Feb. 16, from 7 to 8:45 p.m. at the Shelburne town offices.

Joe Biden remembers when the measure of a man was his relationship with his car and considering the president’s ride is a revered 1967 Corvette he keeps securely under wraps, why would it matter that the trunk contained a sheaf of classified documents?

Two months ago, I published a column titled “Return of the Johnstown Flood.” That was my metaphor for the flood of legislation that was certain to occur once the Democratic Party commanded a veto-proof majority in both the Vermont House and Senate. It now does, and that flood is proceeding at alarming velocity.

Thank you, David Kelley, for your informative, compassionate perspective on animal traps.

Week three was busy at the Statehouse. Work began on the budget adjustment, a true-ing up of all state programs’ revenues and expenditures half-way through the existing fiscal year.

What an amazing photo of two bobcats on the front page of the Jan. 19, 2023, issue of the Shelburne News.

In his Jan. 19, 2023, column in the News and Citizen Jerry D’Amico claims leghold traps do “not torture or unduly harm the animal.” (“Trapping commentaries seldom right, most always distort truth.”)