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Supreme Court Associate Justice John A. Dooley of South Burlington was recognized for 30 years of service to the Vermont Supreme Court.

Vermont’s chief federal judge has ordered a competency evaluation for a South Burlington man who is charged with making threats to kill a state judge and defense lawyer and sexual assault a prosecutor.

June 13 at 1:10 p.m., a caller told police someone had tried to syphon gas from their vehicle the night before. The case is under investigation.

The Lake Champlain Waldorf School Class of 2022 graduated June 13 in a tradition-filled ceremony. The ceremony began with a welcome by 11th grade student Jonas Natvig.

Shelburne Farmers Market shoppers — and guest musicians — donned coats Saturday as temperatu…

I dreamt an alligator ate my dog whole. When I told my husband about my nightmare, he thought it was all about vulnerability. Or, more accurately, fear of vulnerability.

Every commencement season Poor Elijah waits in vain for an invitation to address a graduating class. In the meantime, he contents himself with delivering his remarks on my porch.

The overarching reason I’ve decided to run for Senate is because my years of experience in Africa have taught me that the democratic process thrives with healthy competition.

Teaching other people’s children is a weighty responsibility. Teachers are trustees. The children in my classroom aren’t mine to mold the way I want them. I’m uncomfortable advocating an opinion their parents wouldn’t want them to hold.

In this very difficult time for our country and the world, I am running for Congress in the Democratic primary to replace Rep. Peter Welch.