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Despite less fanfare surrounding release of a coronavirus booster vaccine compared to last spring’s anxious countdown, state medical experts and local doctors are still encouraging eligible folks to sign up for their shot.

Oct. 1 at 1:37 a.m., an officer found an unlocked business on Pine Haven Shores Road. The building was checked and there was no one inside. Police locked the business.

Skyler Kingsbury scored a hat trick and the Champlain Valley girls’ soccer team remained unbeaten with a win over Brattleboro Monday afternoon.

Among the 46 states welcoming refugees, Vermont has received approval to welcome 100 Afghans to our communities through USCRI Vermont Afghan Placement and Assistance program.

Joy. It’s in short supply. Or is it? These were my thoughts as I awoke last Sunday in a familiar swirl of anxiety that greets me each morning. I can’t help it; chalk it up to an unstable childhood.

As the Vermont Climate Council readies its plans to dramatically reduce Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions, they have embarked on a series of public engagement events to field questions from curious citizens.

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As I walked an abandoned hill farm recently, I paused to take in the old cellar hole and its companion — a gnarly apple tree. The research project I was doing for a local community group included mapping the 19th-century features.