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Stowe will hold a special meeting next week to elect a new school board in charge of overseeing, for the first time in three years, education solely for the children attending its public schools.

It took half a year for the three towns in the Lamoille South Unified Union District to agree to let Stowe go its own way, but the battle for Stowe’s educational autonomy has just begun.

Stowe might have a vote on the March Town Meeting Day ballot to allow retail cannabis operations when the state starts permitting them next fall, but it won’t be a homegrown measure from the town selectboard.


The Lamoille South school district claims a high vaccination rate among its staff and students, but is not tracking actual numbers or requiring vaccinations, even as other school districts have chosen to do so.


Good news ahead of the new school year for folks in Elmore who really like their traditional one-room schoolhouse: it’s not going away any time soon. Same goes for any of the schools in Morristown and Stowe, the other Lamoille South school district towns.


Vermont’s public schools haven’t traditionally required uniforms, but, starting next Monday on the first day of classes, there will be one fashion accessory everyone needs to wear: face masks.

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Bart Newhouse may have come up just short in his write-in bid for the Stowe Selectboard, but he sure didn’t lose to Bart Simpson — or Mickey Mouse or Bernie Sanders.