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A former Stowe School Board member who requested three months of superintendent Tracy Wrend’s emails came up empty-handed in his fishing exped…

Lamoille South superintendent Tracy Wrend says Stowe residents pushing for a quick withdrawal from the three-town school district tend to read enrollment and estimated tax rate data the way they want to see it.

While some may argue that Lamoille South Unified Union school district declines in student enrollment are a result of the pandemic, our declines this year were significantly higher than the state average for the same period of time. Our district’s decline was 7.8 percent while the state average was 5 percent.

As former Stowe, Lamoille South Supervisory Union and Lamoille South Unified Union school board directors, we are voicing our support for Stowe withdrawing from the forced merger of the Stowe and Elmore-Morristown Unified Union school districts.

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Another representative to the school board that oversees schools in Stowe, Morristown and Elmore has abruptly resigned, leaving Stowe with onl…

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Stowe Middle and High school students got an early start on last weekend when the school building’s fire alarm system malfunctioned and went o…