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This October the Highland Center for the Arts in Greensboro will exhibit art by more than a half dozen of North America's most renowned wildlife artists. In conjunction with that exhibit, the Vermont Wildlife Coalition Education Fund is offering $2,500 in prizes to students in grades 7-12 who submit their own works of art depicting Vermont wildlife.

Developing the cliffside of Lake Eligo has become the center of a contentious debate in Greensboro.

A proposed zoning change in Greensboro would limit development on Lake Eligo’s steep eastern cliffside.

Development on Lake Eligo’s cliffs could potentially cause more soil to erode into the lake.

A proposed change to Greensboro’s zoning bylaws allowing development of a steep hillside east of Lake Eligo has prompted impassioned input from both supporters hoping to promote conservation in the area and developers looking to cash in on the land.