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The Cotton Brook once again winds its way toward the Waterbury Reservoir, after cutting its way through incalculable tons of debris dumped by …

Geologists continue to study a 2019 landslide in the Cotton Brook area that wiped out a hillside and dumped tons of material into the waterway, to learn more about what causes such swift change and destruction, and to hopefully better predict when and where such phenomena could happen again.

The slide, two years later, still features gullies and rills and the occasional rolling stone.

Geologists visited the site Aug. 24 to see how much the landscape has changed two summers later.

George Springston, a Norwich University geologist, stands on the “toe” of the Cotton Brook landslide on an Aug. 24 site visit, pointing out fe…

The crowds are gone from the Waterbury Center State Park, but a late-spring landslide upstream of the popular Waterbury Reservoir at the center of the remains active.