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The Stowe housing market is experiencing unprecedented pressure, mostly from a massive influx of wealthy out-of-state home-buyers. Available homes are few and far between — with nothing on the market for less than half a million.

In my April 8 Guest Perspective on affordable housing, two costs given for Cathedral Square buildings were inaccurate.

The recent guest perspective, “What’s the issue with southeast quadrant housing?” makes several incorrect assumptions and inferences relating to Vince Bolduc’s earlier commentary, “Uniqueness of the Southeast Quadrant.”

Most everyone I know understands the importance of having a place to call home. In the southeast quadrant of South Burlington there is an abundance of open space to construct affordable housing and welcome new residents to our City.

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Recent South Burlington conversations on open space and affordable housing have sometimes reduced the issues to a tradeoff between the development of affordable housing in rural spaces versus preservation of those natural areas.

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My husband and I picked South Burlington when we moved here from California 25 years ago because of the excellent school system here.

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I grew up in Barre and, like too many young Vermonters, I left the state after high school to pursue my career. Coming back to Vermont when my dad died wasn’t part of my plan and was an unexpected choice 17 years ago.