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When your kids have kids there’s a creed you repeat devoutly every time you talk to someone whose kids have kids: Grandchildren – there’s nothing like them.

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In November 2018, South Burlington adopted interim zoning with the following goal: “The prioritization for conservation of existing open spaces, forest blocks, and working landscapes in South Burlington in the sustenance of our natural ecosystem, scenic viewsheds, and river corridors.”

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Jan. 6, 2021, will forever mark a day of infamy for our nation. It will be remembered because our beloved Capitol building — the very heart of our democracy — was stormed and laid under siege.

Message from the School Board

Happy New Year from the South Burlington school board. Last year was very challenging for the whole community in many ways. We are looking forward to 2021 with optimism.

Woodchuck Gardening

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In November, I spread year-old compost in my community garden in the Intervale in Burlington. I love the feel of a handful of rich dark compost. I call it “Black Gold.”

In Musing

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It was a 12-foot table. A slab of wood my husband saved from his mother’s ancestral home. Its former life was a library table which only made me wonder how massive was that library?

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