To the editor:

Shameful is how South Burlington taxpayers should view the city manager using their hard-earned money to fund a piece of government propaganda such as the new city-hall “newsletter.”

Speaking of which, how much is this government-sponsored rag costing the taxpayers?

Kevin Dorn, the alleged city manager, ought to be ashamed of himself for coming up with this harebrained idea.

The Other Paper is doing it due diligence to keep government officials accountable, but Dorn and his ilk are upset because The Other Paper isn’t in their pockets.

Dorn’s claim that this is not taxpayer-funded is a ruse.

He is paid for by the taxpayers; he oversees the rag which is produced on a taxpayer-funded website that’s based in a taxpayer-funded city hall which has a taxpayer-funded city manager who has a taxpayer-funded secretary in a building that’s heated by taxpayers and cooled by taxpayers and staffed by taxpayers.

Where do I stop?

Ted Cohen


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