As a longtime resident and taxpayer in South Burlington, 46 years to be exact, I am perplexed by the different taxes we are confronted with.

We have school taxes, property taxes, city services taxes and at no time am I aware that the entities that tax us are overseen by one group of citizens that analyzes the burden all these separate taxes create for the residents of this city.

Once school administrators start seeing big dollar spending in their visions (for example, the about $300 million bond in March) and the school board, without any guidance concerning what the other taxes are coming down the pike, rubber stamps what the administrators want, we become burdened by numerous taxes that eventually makes South Burlington too expensive a place to live.

The teachers and administrators say we have to think of the children not the taxes - there will be no children living in South Burlington if you tax their parents out of the city. St. Albans, Vergennes, Milton all start looking really good.

Which brings me to my last grievance. Why do so many of our administrators and teachers live outside of South Burlington? To escape the taxes?

Shohreh Eckhardt

South Burlington

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