To the Editor:

Can we please cease and desist with this SoBu nonsense?

Every time I see it in print, I cringe.

Others have expressed a similar opinion so now you know mine, too. SoBu looks like it should be a character from the children’s TV show Octonauts.

It’s even more ridiculous when you say it. C’mon The Other Paper.

Whenever you use it, I know you think you’re being trendy, but you’re not. It looks and sounds silly because it is.

Having been born in this great town 65 years ago, my perspective is through a rather long lens.

As such, I may be looking at this subject from a more traditional point of view than many of your readers. If you feel so compelled to abbreviate my hometown’s full name, just call it SB.

Good ol’ SB.

It may not be trendy, but it’s a whole lot better than … well, you know what.

Fred Johnstone

South Burlington

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