Annual growth in South Burlington

According to Census Bureau estimates released in December, 18,975 people now live in South Burlington. Since 2010, the city’s population has risen by about 1% each year - slower than in 2000-2010. The number of South Burlingtonions in each age group is not increasing, however. While the number of seniors is growing by over 3% annually as the city’s baby boomers age into this phase of their lives, the number of children is falling by about 2%.

South Burlington’s total population increases when more people move in and are born during the year than move out or die. However, population trends do not translate directly to all other growth measures, such as the number of school-aged children or new homes needed.

The number of homes needed is rising faster than South Burlington’s population. Since 2010, the number of households in the city has grown at a rate of about 1.5% - slower than in 2000-2010, but faster than population growth. In addition to population growth, the number of households is pushed up by other reasons such as smaller households. Like other towns, the average South Burlington household is smaller than ever before. A single person occupies one out of every three homes here.

Economic prosperity is also a measure of community growth. The number of people who work in South Burlington has grown to an estimated 10,626, at a steady annual rate of about 1.5% since 2000. Only 30% of these workers live in South Burlington, according to the latest Census estimates.

Making fact-based decisions is easier than ever thanks to the availability of free, reliable information at our fingertips. To learn more about South Burlington, check out the Census Bureau ’s recently unveiled or the Vermont Housing Data website at, which provides community profiles of vetted indicators from the Census Bureau and other state and national sources. With the 2020 Census count upon us, we will soon have the clearest picture possible of South Burlington’s upcoming opportunities and challenges.

Leslie Black-Plumeau

South Burlington Affordable Housing Committee member

Vermont Housing Finance Agency Community Relations Manager

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