To the Editor:

I want to thank the Vermont Agency of Transportation and everyone else involved in the South Burlington Shelburne Road lighting project. Not only have they improved the storm reliability of the traffic lights by switching them from wires to metal poles, but they are also making walking and riding on Shelburne Road much safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.

First, they are relocating a crosswalk across Shelburne Road for a more direct crossing from Dattilio’s Sunoco (near the end of Lindenwood Drive) to the shared-use path on Queen City Park Road that leads to Red Rocks Park, the start of the Burlington Bike Path and all the neighborhoods off Queen City Park Road.

Presently, pedestrians and bicyclists need to make two crossings to get to the shared-use path.

In addition, a crosswalk is being built from the end of Brewer Parkway across Shelburne Road to the entrance of the new Hannaford that will greatly improve the safety of Brewer Parkway residents, among others. I know that I have wanted to cross there while waiting for my car at Tire Warehouse to kill time by walking around Brewer Parkway or over to Burlington Bagel Bakery.

Next, the transportation agency is installing north/south crosswalks along Shelburne Road, which I believe never existed, at the end of Swift Street near Denny’s and the intersections at Laurel Hill Drive and Hannaford Drive, Baldwin Avenue and Saturn Way and Fayette Drive and McIntosh Avenue.

I, for one, have felt like I was risking my life crossing the old Hannaford Drive entrance where Lowes is located to get to People’s United Bank, as cars on Shelburne Road are constantly entering from every which way.

This is great progress for residents who do not own a car and for those health and environment-conscious folks who want to do errands, commute to work or school or simply recreate on foot or bike.

The next location that would be great to have a pedestrian-activated crossing light is at the intersection of Dorset and Garden streets so one can safely cross between the Trader Joe’s and Healthy Living sides of Garden Street.

Bob Britt

South Burlington

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