To the Editor:

I write to offer my support for Dr. Travia Childs for a 2-year seat on the South Burlington School Board.

All three candidates for the seat have the best interests of our schools and community in mind. But it takes more than good intentions to be an effective school board member. I served 12 years on the board, and I can tell you from experience that it takes knowledge, skill, and diligence to provide leadership to the district.

The budget is complex, and to govern the schools, the board must deal with overlapping legal and regulatory standards and find a path among the competing interests of taxpayers, employee unions, the administration and, most important, the students themselves. Add the fact that currently, the board must do all that and guide the management of COVID-19 precautions.

Childs has the education and work experience to equip her to meet the challenge. In particular, I think her military experience will help her deal with the bureaucracy that surrounds public education.

The fact that Childs chose to move to South Burlington because of the quality of our schools is not to be forgotten. She understands that the South Burlington schools are an asset to our whole community, not just to those who study or work in them.

We all have an interest in our schools. Of course, their reputation helps to support property values. But it is deeper than that. The schools help keep our community vital and connected.

I urge you to vote for Dr. Childs.

Rich Cassidy

South Burlington

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