To the Editor:

Liberals and Progressives herald the Black Lives Matter movement with signature flags and lawn signs. How many really know their ideology and how it’s deluding a whole generation?

The founders of Black Lives Matter are avowed Marxists whose principal goal is to overthrow our country’s system and culture. They’re for open borders, anti-Jewish, defund the police, close jails, guaranteed government income, confiscate real estate, transgender/gay rights in schools, cancel culture and free abortions.

They use racial division and unrest to advance their ideology with no place for dissent.

Students wearing Black Lives Matter t-shirts and educators with political BLM pins are their way showing they believe in social justice. Nothing is said to students about BLM’s agenda demoralizing our nation.

All lives should matter, not advocating racism.

CEOs contribute millions to BLM as a way to protect their companies from any backlash and charges of racism. Last year Black Lives Matter raised $90 million of which 70 percent went back to the three founding ladies. Recent reports show this money was used for personal purposes.

Black Lives Matter’s focus is closer to China’s and the Soviet Union’s principles and goals. People need to realize they’re being hoodwinked and if this persists, we’re one generation from losing everything.

Frank Mazur

South Burlington

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Would you cite any sources for any of these claims?

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