Like most Vermonters, back in January when the governor asked us to get vaccinated, I took his request seriously and signed up for my first shot using the state’s website. By the end of Februa…

Student success depends on a variety of factors — aptitude, motivation and morale — as well as attendance and alertness, supportive parents and community, quality teachers and administrators, …

The picture of Meghan Emery and accompanying story made me think back at trying to walk on South Burlington streets last winter. (“New center will make city walkable,” July 22, 2021)


Thank you, Deb Billado, for alerting us that the Vermont Republican Party, in its unanimous opposition to vaccine passports, courageously stands behind the right of unvaccinated people to spread COVID to their fellow citizens without warning them they may be doing so.

Since its inception, American democracy has undergone continual transformation. Over the last 245 years many activists and advocates have fought tirelessly to expand the franchise that our democratic ideals depend on: the right to vote.

Vermont did so many things right responding to COVID-19, including taking care of its homeless. Past annual surveys estimated the unhoused population to be just over 1,000 statewide. However, …

Vermont is a glorious place to live for so many reasons but if you, like me, are the parent of an adult child with significant cognitive disabilities, Vermont can be a scary place to call home.

Is our precious democracy effective at solving the greatest human crises? It took the United States 90 years to abolish slavery after the initial abolitionist movement began in Philadelphia in 1775.

The Vermont State College System has embraced a revolutionary, systemwide transformation so we can continue serving our students, the economy and the communities that host our vibrant rural campuses.

These are excerpts from a speech by Chittenden County Sen. Kesha Ram given to the graduates of Burr & Burton Academy’s Class of 2021 on June 9 in Manchester.

Like science, history is an ever-emerging narrative based on curiosity, exploration, discovery, debate and interpretation. But like science (and journalism), it must be informed by fact.

In response to recent discussion about school resource officers, my hope is this partnership will continue, if possible, for the school board, the South Burlington Police Department, students,…

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