City councilor David Kaufman will run for re-election to a two-year term on the city council in March.

Kaufman said his participation on the council contributes to the governance of South Burlington and he finds the experience productive and rewarding.

“I am pleased with the decisions our city council has made that will help ensure South Burlington is sustainable for the long-term as a great place to live, work, and play for all who live and work in our great city. “Our fabulous new city hall and library are nearing completion; interim zoning is close to ending, accomplishing its purpose of responsibly updating our land development regulations; we are becoming a leader in energy conservation; we are making progress on adding inventory to affordable housing, including in our new city center area; and we’ll soon have a permanent dog park! There is a lot in progress that I can help bring to completion with my Council colleagues and City Management,” he said.

Kaufman said it is both a challenge and stimulating to be part of South Burlington’s governance, especially with COVID impacting city operations — and its budget.

“We are in the early stages of working on the 2022 budget and I’d like to see that process through to completion,” he said, “ensuring we can operate South Burlington as efficiently as possible, meeting the needs of residents and businesses, without any undue increase in taxes; this is not easy.”

The end to interim zoning will ensure a responsible balance between development, Kaufman said, something that he deemed necessary and appropriate, with preserving lands that are valued from a natural perspective, for protection of plants, wildlife, water, and views, and for recreational use.

He said it is vital for city management, committees and council to be proactive in ensuring South Burlington’s future is well planned and sustainable for residents, businesses, and visitors.

Kaufman and his family have lived in South Burlington for more than forty years; their three sons have been through the school system, which Kaufman said is an excellent learning environment for kids and teens. His wife Jane has owned a medical practice in South Burlington for almost twenty years.

Kaufman has long been an advocate for South Burlington, serving five terms in the Vermont Legislature, where he chaired the House Transportation Committee.

“As I look to our future, I am excited at the prospect of continuing to work for two more years on behalf of South Burlington’s residents as a member of our City Council,” he said. “Your City Council members are good listeners, we make informed decisions and I see my participation as positive for South Burlington. I am hopeful voters share my enthusiasm for South Burlington and perceive my role on City Council as valuable to our collective efforts.”

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