Capt. Micah Genzlinger

South Burlington city councilors passed a resolution honoring Capt. Micah Genzlinger who recently retired from the South Burlington Fire Department after 21 years. From left, fire chief Terry Francis, city councilor Tim Barritt, Genzlinger, councilor Helen Riehle, and city manager Jessie Baker present the resolution.

Micah Genzlinger was only 16 when he began fighting fires in South Burlington, a sophomore running out of class across the street to the fire station whenever he was needed.

Almost 21 years ago to the day, the South Burlington City Council honored Genzlinger for his service to the city upon his retirement as captain of the South Burlington Fire Department.

After fighting fires as a teen, Genzlinger officially joined the department as a career firefighter Dec. 26, 2000, before rising to lieutenant and then captain in 2017.

In his time in South Burlington, Genzlinger wore many hats in addition to his fire helmet. When Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, Genzlinger was one of the first South Burlington firefighters deployed to help with the painful aftermath.

He oversaw the department’s recruit academy and served as training coordinator, fleet maintenance officer and lead instructor for the active shooter incident rescue task force program, among other roles.

Genzlinger upped emergency services through cross-training staff in fire suppression, emergency medical services and technical rescue services, and he created the department’s first energy savings project, according to the city council resolution passed Dec. 20.

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MIcah was a student of mine at SBHS, and what a fine person he has always been. I remember well the times he'd get "beeped" while in class, excuse himself, and quickly exit the classroom.

Even then he knew the art and craft of helping others, and his career exemplifies what it means to life a life of service.

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