Zoe and Ella are the most recent lucky inductees into South Burlington pet royalty.

Winning top dog is golden retriever Zoe, who belongs to William Harwood, while first feline went to, Ella, a domestic medium hair cat, who belongs to Roseanne Guyre.

Now in its ninth year, city clerk Donna Kinville announced the names of the top pets by drawing them randomly at the city council meeting April 18.

The contest began as a fun way to advertise and “create a buzz about registering your dog and cat,” Kinville said. After gathering intel from her fellow clerks around New England, she came up with her own version of the contest.

The number of dog and cat registrations across the city has been trending up, even coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kinville remarked. While she noted the city’s population is also growing, she hopes the top dog and first feline competition adds a little fun and incentive for folks to register their pets.

“Last year’s total was higher than we’ve ever had for dog and cat registrations even coming out of COVID. As of April 1 this year, we have the most registered than we’ve ever had,” Kinville said before drawing the names.

Winners receive tags and a goodie bag donated by local businesses; their photos are displayed in the city hall lobby, on the website and in advertising.

“A huge thank you to Pet Food Warehouse and Guy’s Farm and Yard for their continued support. They’ve been with us since day one,” she added.

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