In this world there are many beautiful things and many, well, special things. Every year my family likes to visit places in other states or countries. But this year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we can’t travel. I start to pay more attentions to my home state, Vermont. Vermont to me isn’t special because I see it every day. I see trees, houses, mountains, small animals, the lake, and basically, nothing special. In the past, when I saw people traveling from other states, I wondered why bother to Vermont? Why didn’t they go to Disneyland or somewhere else for fun? They said it was because Vermont is beautiful, but I thought they were just nice.

For staying at home, I get the chance to walk around the neighborhood frequently. I start to notice the environment in my neighborhood is surprisingly calm and pretty: the wind howling and blowing some red tinted leaves in the sky, the strong leaves on the tree swaying to the rhythm of the wind. We hike in the mountains. We drive around and catch many amazing views. The fog (in the first picture) was beautiful. My dog peeked his head through the window of the vehicle and barked at the fog as if he were communicating with it. The mountains are as high up as my spirits. The wind blows and shakes the leaves, and the leaves are twisted and turned in the sky. The clouds are shape-shifting and flying across the sky. All these pictures strike me of the beauty of Vermont.

Nature is simply beautiful! I see trees flourishing and sheep and cows wandering on green grasslands in the spring. I see birds chirping and bees buzzing in the summer. I see the red and orange tinted leaves on the floor with the wind blowing on my face in the fall. I also see the white snowflakes falling on my nose in the winter. Vermont has beautiful lakes, mountains, forests, grasslands…

The charming view in nature is around us however we often take it for granted and neglect it. We pay a long trip to look for the beauty afar but often forget the beauty around us. Slow down your pace and take a moment to immerse yourself into the mother nature around you and appreciate its magnificence.

Evan Xia is a 6th grade student at Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School.

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