Drew Shatzer, a volunteer, girdles an invasive buckthorn tree on Saturday, April 24, cutting bark off a 4-inch-wide strip around the trunk and in doing so works to rid the land of that species.

On sunny, warm days, house flies hatch and buzz around homes and offices. These flies complete aerobatic stunts that easily evade human efforts at swatting or shooing. That aerial agility, so frustrating to the would-be swatters, is thanks to…

Vermont State Parks is asking kids to join in a statewide scavenger hunt in hopes of earning a free day on one of the organization’s parks.

The second part of the seed starting series, local garden expert Ron Krupp will guide virtual attendees through the late April stage of growing plants from seed. After planting seeds indoors in early spring, what’s next?

One spring, following heavy rain, I visited the Saint Michael’s College Natural Area hoping to capture exciting photographs of the rushing Winooski River. Rather than raging floodwaters, however, I found the river’s floodplain was efficiently…

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Sunrises over Shelburne Bay are happening earlier and showing brighter, according to Jonathan Burg who snapped this impressive shot.

South Burlington holds its first weed warrior event of the spring, Saturday, April 24, 9 a.m.-noon, on the Underwood parcel to celebrate Earth Day by removing non-native, invasive plants to improve wildlife habitat and biodiversity.

Chubby-cheeked chipmunk was looking for more to eat when Mike Dean snapped this adorable shot.

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