Three seats will be up for grabs on the South Burlington School Board next year following recent announcements from two members that they will not seek reelection.

Board chair Bridget Burkhardt and clerk Brian Minier announced they will not run again for their seats in brief statements at a meeting Nov. 18.

“I feel bad about leaving at a time when so many important things are happening. But I have not been the father or the husband that I want to be. It’s been taking up too much mental bandwidth and too much effort and I need some more time at home,” Minier said. He added that he was “heartened” to see so many applicants for the board’s recent open seat, now held by appointee Laura Rowntree.

“Maybe it’s time for a younger parent with little kids just coming into elementary school. Maybe it’s time for somebody on a fixed income. Maybe it’s time for some of those different ideas. So, my reasons are selfish, but I’m hopeful that it will be good for the school district as well,” Minier said.

Burkhardt kept her statement brief, but noted her hope for prospective candidates.

“It’s been a huge privilege for me to serve on the school board and I appreciate all the support from the community that has elected me three times to the school board,” she said.

In September, former board member, Rebecca Day, announced her sudden resignation after only five months on the job. Rowntree, a lawyer in the Vermont Attorney General’s office and a local parent, was appointed Oct. 8 to fill in for the five months.

Since she was appointed mid-term, Raintree’s seat will also be up for election in March, alongside Burkhardt’s 2-year and Minier’s 3-year terms.

Other board members include Travia Childs and Alex McHenry.

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