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Only one sitting House representative will run to keep his seat in South Burlington. The other three, with 44 years of experience legislating between them, are passing the baton.

A South Burlington task force argues that the Chamberlin neighborhood has suffered enough from F-35 noise, the removal of hundreds of homes, the loss of critical affordable housing and the disintegration of its community.

Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School in South Burlington has been without a permanent leader since last fall, when the former principal died unexpectedly just a week before school started.

Zoe and Ella are the most recent lucky inductees into South Burlington pet royalty.

I oppose the several anti-trapping and anti-hunting bills — S.201, S.281, S.129 and H.411 — as introduced in the Legislature this year. But I …

On behalf of the board of directors of the South Burlington Business Association, we respectively request that the council pass a resolution r…