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The University of Vermont Medical Center has tentatively set its sights on South Burlington for a new outpatient surgery center to replace the shuttered Fanny Allen campus.

Travia Childs wished a youth center existed in South Burlington when her son was in high school. He was shy and didn’t build many lasting relationships. Many other local students she’s spoken to don’t feel like they can be themselves or feel safe talking about their experiences at school — especially youth of color.

Nola Scott fears how her life will be affected by the changing climate. The South Burlington resident and University of Vermont student spoke up at a recent city council meeting to ask officials to act at the local level to counteract climate change.

South Burlington city councilors lent their support to a housing project planned for the O’Brien Farm, including 79 permanently affordable apartments, although they stressed their hope that developers would prioritize environmentally conscious building in their plans.

Student success depends on a variety of factors — aptitude, motivation and morale — as well as attendance and alertness, supportive parents an…

Thank you, Deb Billado, for alerting us that the Vermont Republican Party, in its unanimous opposition to vaccine passports, courageously stan…