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South Burlington’s next city manager will not have to travel far to start her new job. On June 1, Winooski city manager Jessie Baker will hop next door to take over for Kevin Dorn, her South Burlington counterpart.

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Along with February report cards, South Burlington elementary school principals sent a letter asking families to accept the reality that it is unlikely kids will catch up to academic benchmarks by June.

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The morning sun was beginning to shine through the clouds at the Chamberlin School in South Burlington as a single person stood in front of the school with a campaign sign for Matt Cota.

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A man who has been on the run since a shooting inside a busy University Mall in South Burlington almost four weeks ago was taken into custody Thursday by the U.S. Marshals Service and law enforcement officers in Florida, authorities said.

Coronavirus: South Burlington Business Operations

Looking out at her backyard recently, Hillary Boardman was met with a surprise visitor — a b…

On a clear mid-winter day several years ago, my student Sarah Wakefield and I pulled on snow…

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An important man in our community passed away in late January.

My wife and I are supporting Dave Kaufman for city council because he is the only candidate who has both demonstrated and straight forwardly a…

I’ve known Matt Cota for more than 15 years and will be voting for him for city council.

Dave has been my academic advisor, teacher and friend for nearly three years now, and through knowing him, he has enhanced and elevated my lif…

Recent South Burlington conversations on open space and affordable housing have sometimes reduced the issues to a tradeoff between the develop…