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Despite less fanfare surrounding release of a coronavirus booster vaccine compared to last spring’s anxious countdown, state medical experts and local doctors are still encouraging eligible folks to sign up for their shot.

Sept. 30, 12:06 p.m., a tractor trailer rolled over on Interstate 89 near exit 14 in South Burlington, closing the southbound lane for approximately three hours.

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The number of kids riding school buses in South Burlington seems to be back to pre-pandemic levels — most adults and teens are vaccinated and …

The Wolves look strong as the postseason starts to come into view. Coaches Adolphe Lumumba and Kelly Knudson deftly deploy the team’s 15 seniors, who are making the most of their final year with strong defensive performances from Anthony Grosselfinger, Zach Klugo and Jason Johnston.

Among the 46 states welcoming refugees, Vermont has received approval to welcome 100 Afghans to our communities through USCRI Vermont Afghan P…

I am writing concerning the COVID-19 vaccine. Some factors prevent some people from taking the vaccine, whether allergies, no immune system or…

Early in my years as a legislator, a constituent told me about the environment in which she and her children had been living.