Peoples Academy placed four skiers in the top six to win the girls’ skate-race event hosted by U-32 on Feb. 4.

Anna Isselhardt led the way for Peoples, placing second with a time of 15:09, and her teammates Linden Osborne, Gabbie Schaffer and Phoenix Masten were fourth, fifth and sixth.

Montpelier’s Meg Voisin won the girls’ race in 14:30 while U-32’s Carson Beard won the boys’s race in 11:50. U-32 claimed the boys’ team win with four skiers in the top five. PA’s Eric Grover was the only boy skiing for the Wolves at the event, finishing 25th in 21:05.

Here’s a look at the girls’ results from the 2.8-mile skate race that day; skiers are listed by finish, name, school and time


1. Meg Voisin, Montpelier, 14:30

2. Anna Isselhardt, Peoples, 15:09

3. Estherline Carlson, Montpelier, 15:34

4. Linden Osborne, Peoples, 15:35

5. Gabbie Schaffer, Peoples, 15:37

6. Phoenix Masten, Peoples, 16:05

7. Avery Knauss, U-32, 16:18

8. Amy Felice, U-32, 16:25

9. Esther Macke, U-32, 16:27

10. Ayla Bodach-Turner, U-32, 16:34

20. Emily Kimball, Peoples, 18:57

22. Lucy Nigro, Peoples, 19:44

23. Adele Ramirez-Valcour, Peoples, 19:44

27. Mia Smith, Peoples, 21:49


Lamoille’s Puleio second, Macloed fourth at Cochran’s

Feb. 8

Stokely Puleio and Kendall Macloed were the top skiers for Lamoille Union at a two-run giant slalom race hosted by Stowe at Cochran’s Ski Area.

Puleio finished second in the boys’ race with a time of 1:25.13, just over a second behind winner Ben Alekson of Stowe. Macloed was fourth in the girls’ race with a time of 1:29.76. Rice’s Deena Jacunski won the girls’ race, her teammate Blythe Fitch-O’Leary was second and Stowe’s Charlotte Stevens was third.

Lamoille’s Ila Campbell also cracked the top 10, finishing sixth in the girls’ race in 1:31.83.

Here’s a look at the top five finishers in the boys’ and girls’ races, plus how all the Lamoille skiers did. Skiers are listed by place, name, finish and time.


1. Ben Alekson, Stowe, 1:24.11

2. Stokely Puleio, Lamoille, 1:25.13

3. Jack Kern, Rice, 1:25.39

4. Will McNeil, Rice, 1:25.58

5. Tony Marron, Stowe, 1:26.62

12. Remy Dussault, Lamoille, 1:31.34

14. Emmitt White, Lamoille, 1:32.25

27. Noah Burnham, Lamoille, 1:36.39

38. Parker Elliot, Lamoille, 1:47.89

40. Ean Shedd, Lamoille, 1:49.85


1. Deena Jacunski, Rice, 1:22.10

2. Blythe Fitch-O’Leary, Rice, 1:26.30

3. Charlotte Stevens, Stowe, 1:28.43

4. Kendall Macloed, Lamoille, 1:29.76

5. Lucy Andrus, Stowe, 1:31.00

6. Ila Campbell, Lamoille, 1:31.83

16. Sydney Mosher, Lamoille, 1:35.52

25. Evelyn McAdoo, Lamoille, 1:41.32

37. Mallory Hubbard, Lamoille, 1:55.58

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