What a strange and misleading headline on last week’s Stowe Reporter. The way the headline reads, it appears that Prop 5 has already been ratified. In fact, it has not. Would not a more accurate headline have read, “Prop 5 would enshrine abortion in state constitution”?

Prop 5 must still pass in the Senate, which will then allow it to come before Vermont voters in a referendum on Nov. 8, 2022.

While several signs with glib phrases are shown in the article’s photographs, the messages they convey are illogical and misleading. Let’s look at a few of these messages and how they compare with the truth.

“Abortion is a human right?” Really? Into what kind of madness have we descended that we can now proudly refer to the violent dismembering of defenseless babies in the womb as a human right? On the contrary, the U.S. Constitution upon which our laws are founded, recognizes the fundamental human rights we are all guaranteed as citizens: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men (and women) are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Is it not common sense that informs us that my rights end where they infringe upon yours? Conspicuously absent from this discussion is always the reality of the life of the preborn child and her human rights.

The most basic science of human biology, embryology and fetology all recognize without question that human life begins at fertilization. On what grounds then can we justify denying the humanity of a preborn child and ending her life? Is it her size? Stage of development? Gestational age? Ability to feel pain? Detection of a heartbeat? The presence of neural activity? Genetic or physical anomalies? Ability to survive outside the womb? Is it passage through the birth canal that somehow immediately confers humanity or personhood upon the child?

If we are unable to answer any of these questions with absolute certainty, would it not be far better to err on the side of caution and compassion, rather than risk destroying an innocent human life?

“Keep your laws away from my uterus.” Our laws are designed to protect whole persons, which also includes parts of our bodies. Therefore, our laws should protect the child developing within the womb, as well as her mother.

While the preborn child is dependent upon her mother for safety and nourishment, she is a completely distinct individual with her own DNA and unique personality. She is just as worthy as her mother to receive equal protection of the law.

“No uterus? No say in this,” and “He who is without ovaries shall not make laws for those who do.” Apparently, these absurd statements exclude all dads or other males from any part of this conversation, except for the nine male Supreme Court justices who rendered the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. Incidentally, that judicial opinion is neither a law they made nor a constitutional right they created, although it is erroneously thought to be so. These statements also must exclude all male legislators, even those who support abortion.

The article states, “...some experts have argued that existing medical-ethical guidelines safeguard against dangerous late-term abortions.” First, whoever these experts are, they can argue all they want. Prop 5 would grant zero legal protection for moms and their preborn babies.

Secondly, for whom are these late-term abortions dangerous? Who considers them dangerous? At what point do they become dangerous? When is the shedding of innocent blood ever ethical? For the child in the womb, whether early term or late term, every abortion is unspeakably dangerous because it violently and horrifically ends her life. There is no ethical, gentle, peaceful way to kill a preborn baby, no matter her size.

Whether early term or late term, abortion is always dangerous for the mother. The idea of safe abortion is a myth. It is not only the terrible physical and reproductive injuries women experience at the hands of the abortion industry from both surgical and chemical abortions, but also the devastating long-term emotional and psychological trauma from which they suffer. All abortions are dangerous at every stage of pregnancy.

Let’s remember that no one wants to deny a woman’s right to make choices, reproductive or otherwise. But let’s not call abortion, which is the deliberate and intentional ending of a human life, a reproductive choice.

Reproduction is intended to create new life. Abortion always brings death.

Ironically, although the word is found nowhere in the text of Prop 5 as written, make no mistake: abortion is the underlying concept of Prop 5. It is why we must vote no to its ratification.

Martin Green lives in Morristown.

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