The COVID-19 pandemic has shined a spotlight on the collective responsibility we have for the health of our neighbors. From mask wearing to social distancing, Lamoille residents have stepped up to protect the health of everyone in the county. Now, as we move into the next phase, it’s time to…

I am writing to you as a proud taxpaying member of the Wolcott community. I grew up here, went to the elementary school and love what our town has to offer. I accepted a place on the school board because education is worth supporting and I felt I could help ensure we continue to create a strong, vibrant learning environment for all the children of our town.

The Vermont State Colleges Labor Task Force is made up of staff and faculty who have been working together for the past year to figure out a path forward for the state college system that is student-centered, enables us to better serve the public good and improves the many aspects of educati…

Who could be against helping military retirees so they can save money on their retirement benefits? That is what one of my fellow legislators texted to me before the debate on whether to cut taxes for military retirees.

We’re heading toward adjournment. The goal is to adjourn by the end of May, hopefully a little earlier. That would be a return to normal, even though we are meeting remotely and not at the Statehouse. Things could change, but that is the goal.


The Jeudevine Library expansion project faces a new challenge after opening bids came in for the construction work. While it was well known that construction costs have gone up in the pandemic, the full amount of the increase couldn’t have been predicted.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Katie Hill, the young, California woman who resigned from Congress in 2019 after an intimate relationship she was having with a staffer exploded in the press and unrelated intimate photos of her were published without her consent. She had been elec…

My first article on the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail was written more than 15 years ago, and over the years I have provided numerous updates. We laid much of the groundwork for the conversion of the trail from a rail bed during the five years I chaired the House Transportation Committee.

For a few weeks this winter, I would end my day by checking the Vermont Legislature’s page to see if H.172 — “An act related to hunting and trapping” — had made it out of committee.

When I was young everyone in my family hunted and fished. In fact, when I was young, it seemed like everyone in Vermont hunted and fished.

If you wanted the best family health insurance plan you could get, it would cost you over $30,000 per year. A mid-level plan goes for $25,000 and a entry level costs around $20,000. Each of these plans has a $3,400 annual deductible for each family member. If these numbers do not make the ca…

Four years ago I started to work on legislation to increase parental rights for foster families after hearing about the need for a child advocate in Vermont from a constituent in Wolcott. The concept is not new. There are 27 states with advocates, and Vermont is the only New England state wi…

This column is about helicopters on Mars and Somers Hardware and community agriculture and local schools and big-league soccer with a little COVID-19 thrown in. Wish me luck.

It’s well known that Vermont faces a demographic crisis. We have an aging population, with a shrinking workforce and reduced school enrollment. As a result, Vermonters continue to shoulder an increasing tax burden.

Contact your local House Representatives and Senators.

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