To the Editor:

Shane Larson, in response to Lisa’s Senecal’s column, seemed to imply that Senecal was condemning all white men for the problems of society. (“Stop blaming white men for society’s ills,” April 1, 2021)

In her defense, by anyone’s definition, white men have been in charge for a long time, and it seems appropriate to question their response to the subjects of violence against women and discrimination against other groups.

Silence on a subject amounts to acceptance.

While Vermont might be almost immune to many of the prejudices we see in America, I attribute that to the quality and genuine clear thinking of the people, including more conservative folks.

However, Larson seemed to spin off the rails defending Tucker Carlson. Carlson is no newscaster. He makes a living by peddling outlandish and sometimes dangerous rhetoric. Lately, he seems to add fuel to deadly misinformation about the pandemic. He actually believes the pandemic is a hoax, wearing a mask is not necessary and no matter the evidence he questions the necessity of vaccines.

Dangerous and disgusting are the only words I can think of when I listen to his rants. What is really disturbing is Fox News defended a recent defamation suit filed against him with a most unusual defense. They portrayed him as a person no one should actually believe. Yes, the court ruled in his favor because as Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil stated, he was “not a credible news source.”

She believed the evidence to show that any reasonable person would not believe what he says. Fox argued he could not be believed, therefore he couldn’t be liable for actual malice.

In one of his latest rants, he denounced women serving in the military. He believes women in the military makes us less safe. By the way, he never served. I did serve, and believe me, the women in the U.S. Air Force do a terrific job.

Last, in his letter Larson made a Freudian slip. He said, referring to Senecal’s op-ed, the following: “Stop blaming white men for the ills of society. It’s honestly just rubbish and anyone with a little intelligence can see through this type of propaganda.”

I agree. People with little intelligence will surely agree with him.

Richard W. Carrell


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