To the Editor:

The vocal parent, Savannah McKenzie, who runs Kid Savvy Family Daycare and opposes mask wearing in our schools and does not wear a mask herself or at her home daycare is the product of false propaganda. (“Vocal minority pushes back on COVID mitigation measures in schools,” News & Citizen, Aug. 26, 2021)

I personally was yelled at, screamed at by her during a polite interaction with her asking that her children mask up. I’ve never had a complete stranger upset me as much as she has. She was yelling that COVID isn’t real, that it is all made up.

If she refuses to educate herself about the realities of this virus and the dangers that are present for our precious, unvaccinated children, that is not reason for our community to allow her to send her child into our school without a mask. If she wants to run a daycare without a mask, I hope all the parents that bring their children to her know that she does not wear a mask and inquire about her own vaccination status.

Elisa Clancy

Hyde Park

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What Elisa fails to mention about Savannah and this interaction is that their children were riding bikes together in the neighborhood Savannah lives in, since she was visiting a neighbor, and Savannah told her kids who were winded they were not wearing masks to peddle their bikes around in 80 degree weather. Savannah said Elisa and her kids could get out of her driveway if they wanted to go wear masks in the sweltering heat. This woman then got Savannah’s phone number from the friend she was visiting and verbally harassed her via text for the next few hours. Elisa is a bully and was looking for a fight. She could have easily gathered her kids and either left the neighborhood or told them they wear their masks and play alone. This is Savannah’s HOME, where she raises her children. They don’t need to wear masks in their driveway to ride bikes at 3 and 5, last summer when this happened, 2 and 4. I was there and I am not going to let this continue about someone who is a wonderful mother and uses her voice. Enough is enough.

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Cap vakansiyalar

If all the unvaccinated people were responsible and wore mask indoors, we would not be seeing this surge

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