To the Editor:

I agree with Shayne Spence that kindness and understanding are sorely lacking, especially during trustee’s meetings and lately from the Johnson Racial Justice Committee as well.

Accusations have been hurled that have polarized groups into us versus them. One of those divisions formed when many citizens felt uncomfortable with the politicization of the Black Lives Matter flag, and were met with criticism, and even accused of not wanting to move our country, state and town forward toward racial justice. We lost four caring board members during this challenging time.

And here were are, at a point where instead of reaching across the divide to find commonalities, to find the energy and patience needed to work toward understanding, we are forgetting to speak kindly and are not listening to each other.

At times, it wasn’t what the question was but how it was asked.

So on June 8, as Johnson tries to fill the empty seat on the village trustees, please look for those qualities in your candidate that have the potential to unite us as a community. Yes, they may have a bankroll of experience or oodles of skills needed now, but will they listen to your concerns?

Are they able to balance them fairly with the needs of our village and town, both financially and in terms of well being. Can they put their own views and wants on hold for a moment, while listening to the wealth of knowledge our village administrator brings to the table, as well as their fellow board members, to guide our village and town forward during this time of change, where understanding and kindness are in such great need.

Kim Dunkley


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