To the Editor:

In response to the guest perspective by Kirsten Owen, (“Johnson needs to repeal its ATV ordinance,” in Feb. 11, 2021), she said that her request to change the ATV speed limit was refused, but our Green Mountain ATV trail master and another property owner spoke to her on several occasions about her concerns about ATVs.

Our trail master explained to her that the speed limit for ATVs was set to the posted speed limit of the road per the town of Johnson. The Green Mountain ATV Riders’ club purchased bright yellow signs for any residents who had concerns about ATV traffic and their speed.

These signs stated:

• Sensitive area, ATV speed limit, 10 mph;

• Sensitive area ATV speed limit, 15 mph; and

• Slow down, children and pets at play.

The Green Mountain ATV has spent well over $10,000 in repairs and upgrading the drainage on Codding Hollow, Patch and Hoag roads, installing quarry stone to prevent erosion and mud on the trail systems.

We’ve spend a lot of time and labor working with Owen to help accommodate her concerns by moving the trail three times in just the 2020 riding season. Adjoining property owners have given riders permission to use their land on several occasions to help accommodate her.

Both the Vermont ATV Sportsman’s Association trail master and executive director have come to Lamoille County several times with trail equipment to fix drainage and make trail upgrades on the Class 4 roads used for ATVs.

As far as sound decibels, ATVs are noted to be between 75-100 decibels. Motorcycles are 78-84 decibels, and a Harley motorcycle is 80-100 decibels.

An ATV holds 1.5 to 2.5 quarts of oil, so leakage to cause an oil slick is extremely unlikely.

ATVs and UTVs (Utility Side by Side) are safe, and side by sides have seatbelts. Both types of owners must carry liability insurance.

Starting in the 2021 ATV riding season, all ATV riders must wear helmets per state law.

I encourage everyone to go to the town of Johnson website and read the ATV ordinance, and I urge Johnson residents to please vote no on repealing the ATV ordinance.

Ellen Friedrich


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William Moore

Hearing of all the great efforts that the local ATV club members have put into the town, trails, safety and the recent addition of the helmet requirements shows these folks to be a class act. They are part of the community, wish to bring trade and tourism to the entire county economy, and place themselves out to be accountable with registrations, mandated club fees, and work with state agencies year round to make ATV use a decent way to keep Johnson downtown alive.

With a strong likelihood that the college is permanently diminished as an economic driver I support these folks and will vote No to repeal of ATV Ordinance. While we applaud the efforts of others who plant trees on Main St., build skate parks and coordinate Tuesday Night Live, we should also recognize these folks on ATVs as a component of a vibrant downtown Johnson. Your neighbors job may depend on it.

Vote No on Repeal of the ATV Ordinance.

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