To the Editor:

Your front-page article, “Prop 5 enshrines abortion in state constitution,” though purportedly seeking truth and social justice, really does neither.

Euphemisms like reproductive rights and reproductive autonomy conceal the one truth that really matters — that the preborn are living, feeling human beings who suffer tremendous pain when they are violently dismembered or poisoned.

We now know that fetuses suck their thumbs to soothe themselves, get the hiccups, develop food preferences from what their mothers eat, and can later remember music and voices they heard while in the womb.

Here’s a fact you don’t hear often: The mental health impact of an abortion on a woman is close to a war veteran’s PTSD. Rates of depression, suicide and substance abuse are three to five times higher after an abortion vs. miscarriage or childbirth. Why? Because deep down, women know that rather than remove a “clump of tissue,” as Planned Parenthood would like them to believe, they have consented to killing their children.

Don’t get fooled by the sweet language of abortionists: Planned Parenthood is in the death business, not the life business. It’s a well-known fact that Planned Parenthood denies pregnant women a view of the screen when performing ultrasounds because seeing their babies may change their minds.

Look up testimonies from former employees like Abby Johnson and Patricia Sandoval, who, after realizing what was really going on in those human slaughterhouses, became passionate anti-abortion advocates.

As did Norma McCorvey, by the way, the woman who acted as “Jane Roe” in Roe v. Wade. Ask yourself why.

Shannara Johnson


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