To the Editor:

I find it a disgrace that a story by VTDigger accuses Bishop Marshall, a private Catholic school, of discrimination because the headmaster refused to hire a lesbian teacher who is married to a woman. (“Can religious schools still discriminate?”, July 1, 2021)

All the Abrahamic religions have survived unchanged for thousands of years and aren't subject to societal shifts and modernistic whims. Freedom of religion is one of the most sacred liberties in this country.

The Bible teaches that marriage is between a man and a woman, period. I wonder if there would be the same outrage if an Islamic school in the United States insisted on hiring only practicing Muslims as teachers. Somehow, it seems that the woke crowd always gives other faiths a break but is outraged when it’s about traditional Christians trying to adhere to their religious principles.

What's next, will the Catholic Church be forced to endorse abortion or hire female priests? I'm sure with Joe Biden’s equality act, that’s exactly what's coming down the pike.

Shannara Johnson


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