Almeron Drive garage fire

Firefighters from Morristown, Stowe and Hyde Park battled a blaze on Almeron Drive in Morristown on Monday, Jan. 4.

A fire destroyed a two-bay garage in Morristown on Monday, Jan. 4, but local firefighters were able to contain and knock down the blaze before it spread further.

Firefighters were toned out for a structure fire on Almeron Drive at 4:30 p.m.

The first truck arrived on scene 15 minutes later and found the two-bay garage almost completely engulfed. Crews quickly knocked down the blaze in their initial attack — “textbook knockdown,” Morristown Chief Denny DiGregorio said — and then monitored the scene for hours to prevent a flare up.

No one was injured in the fire.

Firefighters from the Hyde Park and Stowe departments helped Morristown on-scene, with the Elmore Fire Department covering Morristown’s station.

Morristown Emergency Medical Services provided support and the Morristown highway department sanded the driveway to the scene so fire trucks could reach it safely.

Morristown, which is down to one tanker after its second, older one was declared unfit, immediately sent a call out for tankers from Stowe and Hyde Park before rolling out.

Morristown officer Jason Kelley, in command of the scene, said the garage was actually two connected buildings; the fire had spread to the attic by the time firefighters arrived on scene, but concerns over the multi-layered roof over the structure made them hesitant to put anyone on the roof to fight the fire.

No cause has been determined, but Kelley said the fire is not considered suspicious at this time.

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