A Johnson man who pleaded guilty three years ago to a half-dozen criminal charges related to child sexual abuse, and who later withdrew that plea after firing his second lawyer, is having his case presented before a jury this week.

One of the men who last month allegedly broke into a Morristown home and robbed a woman staying there of thousands of dollars was arraigned on the charges last week.

Jan. 7, 3:05 p.m., police arrested Dennis Langford, 30, of Jeffersonville, for unlawful mischief and driving with a suspended license in an apparent road rage incident on Route 15 in Cambridge. Police said he was driving erratically and after passing another vehicle traveling below the speed limit due to poor road conditions, he threw an object at the vehicle, cracking its windshield. Whil…

Dec. 29, 12:20 a.m., James Philip, 39, of Eden, was arrested for aggravated domestic assault and interference with access to emergency services after a report of a family fight at a home on Camp Road. Police say Philip “caused significant injury to a domestic partner.” He was released on conditions.

Dec. 5, 6:53 a.m., Jasmyn Nichols, 30, of Johnson, was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident after a report of a car in the middle of Junction Hill Road in Cambridge. Police say Nichols’ car went off the road the previous night and damaged town property.

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