The nine towns that belong to either the Lamoille North or Lamoille South school district approved all of their spending measures for next year.

Wolcott, which belongs to the Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union, did not. Town-by-town votes for unified school district matters are not available, according to Lamoille South clerk Lisa Walker of Stowe.

Normally, the ballots are all mixed together, kind of like the balls in a bingo parlor hopper, which made it all but impossible for anyone, including town clerks, to see how individual towns voted. But pandemic rules changed that commingling practice, and the clerks are tasked with simply staying mum about individual town results.

Lamoille South

Voters in the towns of Elmore, Morristown and Stowe approved a $32.9 million budget by a comfortable margin Tuesday. The budget passed 1,845-1,284, with another 216 people leaving their ballots blank.

A separate spending measure, to apply $1.1 million of the school district’s rainy day fund as revenue to help defray taxes, was even more popular — less tax? yes, please — passing 2,466-612.

In elections, the only contested race brought back a familiar face to the school board. Dave McAllister was elected to a three-year term that was held, up until Tuesday, by Stephanie Craig of Morristown. McAllister, who once served on previous iterations of the school board, defeated Saudia LaMont, also of Morristown, 1,513-1,083. Another 713 people left that bubble blank.

Alan Ouellette was unopposed to represent Stowe on the three-town board. Also unopposed: moderator Jon Gailmor, clerk Sharon Draper and treasurer Sara Haskins.

Lamoille North

In the northwestern part of the county, the Lamoille North towns of Belvidere, Cambridge, Eden, Hyde Park, Johnson and Waterville approved all of the district’s spending measures.

That includes the $14.85 million budget for Lamoille Union high school and middle school, which was approved by a vote of 750-277, and the six towns’ cumulative share — $3.35 million — of the Green Mountain Technology and Career Center, 810-217.

All of the towns save Cambridge also approved the overall budget for the district’s elementary schools. The $13.3 million elementary school budget passed by a narrower margin than the union school and tech center, 379-254.

In district-wide elections, Donna Griffiths was unopposed for district clerk, while Kim Moulton was unopposed as its treasurer.

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