Earlier this month, the Johnson Selectboard accepted the resignation of Eric Hutchins and Portia Foss from the town’s racial justice committee.

Hutchins said he is moving out of Lamoille County in December and will be ineligible to serve on the committee. At a Nov. 4 meeting, the committee’s chair Sophia Berard said that Foss couldn’t commit at the level she would like after the birth of her third child.

Along with Berard, the committee now has Jeff Bickford, Raven Pfaff and Offie Wortham.

Selectboard chair Eric Osgood recommended that the board go to five members in order to have an odd number. The committee pushed back on the idea at its own meeting, noting that other commissions have six members and officially passed a motion to stay at six members.

In October, the racial justice committee extended its written expression essay contest, which was initially opened last summer and encourages students to write about what racial justice looks like to them, and its deadline was extended through December after Lamoille North Supervisory Union’s new director of diversity, equity and inclusion Marie Davies offered help relaunch the effort.

The committee discussed requesting money in the town budget, but selectboard members earlier balked at the funding suggesting the committee fund raise. The group is working on possible events and activities going forward.

Shayne Spence offered to print and sell shirts with Johnson’s inclusivity statement written on them. However, according to Spence’s comments at the November meeting, supply chain issues held up the availability of the shirts.

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