Construction of St. Teresa’s Church in Hyde Park began in 1871 and services began there in 1872.

Part of the land for the church was donated by Carroll S. Page, who became governor of Vermont and a U.S. Senator. Before St. Teresa’s was built, Catholics in Hyde Park, Johnson and Eden often held church services in their own homes when traveling clergy came to town.

The history of the church is the history of the Catholic faith in the area. According to an 1891 article in the News & Citizen, St. Teresa’s was the only Catholic church in Lamoille County, and its once-a-month services were held for a parish that stretched from Lowell to Montpelier and St. Johnsbury to Fairfield.

By 1895, major renovations had begun at St. Teresa’s, and services there moved from monthly to twice a month.

In 1898, the church was rededicated after the renovations, and in 1899 the parish bought land on the west end of Hyde Park village for a Catholic cemetery.

In 1904 a new bell was ordered for St. Teresa’s from a foundry in Baltimore, and in July of that year it rang out across the village for the first time. That was the bell removed last month from the church steeple.

In 1929, the church interior was completely renovated, the building’s foundation was repaired and new stained glass windows were installed. By 1941, St. Teresa’s added a parish hall. St. Teresa’s and the Church of the Holy Cross, built in Morrisville, were part the same parish until World War II.

In 1943, at the height of the war, the Hyde Park-Morrisville pastor, the Rev. Valmore Desautels, became a chaplain in the U.S. Army. His successor, the Rev. Francis E. McDonough, was heavily involved in the statewide choir organization for the Diocese of Burlington; his arrival in Hyde Park helped to cement St. Teresa’s reputation for music.

By 1946, Hyde Park, Johnson and possibly Eden were listed as being in the same parish, while Morrisville was listed as a separate parish.

By 1952, St. Teresa’s and Holy Cross Church had been joined by St. John the Apostle Mission in Johnson, St. Gabriel’s Mission in Eden and Blessed Sacrament Church in Stowe.

In 1964, members of St. Teresa’s began meeting with members of the two Congregational churches in Hyde Park to “bring better understanding and unity between both churches,” and in 1965 the Congregational churches held fundraisers to help pay for repairs to St. Teresa’s.

In 1972, St. Teresa’s celebrated its 100th anniversary with a visit by Bishop John A. Marshall, head of the Catholic church in Vermont.

In 1991, St. Teresa’s parish center, which had just been renovated, was rededicated in a ceremony that featured Bishop Marshall and a solo singing performance by Denise Marcoux’s father, Rene. In May 1997, the church celebrated its 125th anniversary.

On June 18, 2017, 20 years after the church’s 125th anniversary, the last Mass was held at St. Teresa’s with Bishop Christopher Coyne, the current Bishop of Burlington, in attendance.

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