UPDATE: The location of the Nov. 18 informational meeting has been changed to the Lamoille Civic Center, located at 24 Upper Main Street.

Morristown residents will be faced with a wide variety of topics next month during a town-wide special vote, with school district dissolution, all-terrain vehicle use and legal weed all sharing real estate on the same ballot.

The town had already been all but forced to vote on whether to ratify the town of Stowe’s overwhelming decision last spring to leave the Lamoille South school district, when fellow district town Elmore decided to schedule a similar vote to leave the district.

Now, the town intends on adding questions of whether to allow ATVs on certain town roads and whether voters want to allow retail cannabis businesses to operate in town.

An informational meeting for the school merger withdrawal vote and the retail cannabis vote will be held next week, Nov. 18. The meeting will be held at the Lamoille Civic Center, at 24 Upper Main Street, and will start at 6 p.m.

The town already held a well-attended informational meeting about ATV use in July, held outside in Oxbow Riverfront Park.

The Morristown selectboard last Monday, Nov. 1, addressed concerns that putting the ATV vote on the Dec. 8 ballot overly “expedites” the process since the ATV season will be over at that point anyway, and more people in Morristown would turn out to vote on Town Meeting Day.

Selectboard chair Bob Beeman said the ATV vote is far from being expedited, especially since riders have been pushing the town to decide on opening roads for a year now.

“The ATV group has been waiting a long, long time. And I get that through emails and texts and messages and people coming to me,” Beeman said. “I can tell you one thing, is that the second that warning says ATV on it, people are gonna come out in droves. It’s not going to be an under-attended vote, I can tell you that.”

Board members Judy Bickford and Jess Graham argued that waiting until Town Meeting Day was best, with Graham noting an early vote could “create potential issues.”

Board members Gary Nolan and Brian Kellogg sided with Beeman, with Nolan saying there was already widespread consensus in July, during a well-attended outdoor informational meeting on the ATV issue, that it would be good to hold the vote at the same time as the merger de-coupling.

Beeman noted that, regardless of when the vote is held, it will still only be an advisory vote.

“We want to put the feelers out and see how people feel, you know, pros and cons,” he said. “But in the end, it’s actually up to us.”

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