With much of the nation’s attention on the people who make elections happen, it would be remiss to neglect the local officials elected last week who are called upon to perform a variety of tasks in every town, every year, including helping run those elections.

Justices of the peace, in addition to helping out at election and town meeting polls, solemnize marriages, administer oaths and listen in on property tax assessment appeals, among other duties.

The number of justices allotted to a town is determined by the town’s population, from five for small towns to 15 for larger ones.

Here are the justices elected last week in each town.

• Belvidere: Aaron Chase, Stephanie Draper, Lucy Howard, Cathy Mander-Adams, Thad Tallman.

• Cambridge: Derek Coffrin, Cora Conly, Adam Howard, Krista Huling, Justin R. Marsh, Mark L. Nash, Robert Robinson, Bill Sander, Jan Sander, Mark Schwartz.

• Eden: H. Bruce Burnor, Kelly Daige, Amy Fitzgerald, Tracey Morin, Donna Whitcomb, Leslie White, Linda Young.

• Elmore: Diane Cote, Lisa M. Kelley, Jill Lindemer, Anna Olsson, Stuart Weppler.

• Hyde Park: Charles “Brickett” Bailey, Richard Bailey, Lisa J. Barry, Vicki Emerson, Edward “Ed” French, Frederika “Riki” French, Brian Jones, Mary Paul “Pixie” Loomis, Mitzi McInnis, Tina Teale.

• Morristown: Rhoda Bedell, Judy Bickford, Donald Blake, Julia Compagna, Eric Dodge, Urban Martin, Monte Mason, Penny Mason-Anderson, David McAllister, Shelley Nolan, Brent Paine, Siri Rooney, Shapleigh Smith, Aimee Towne, Edward Wilson.

• Stowe: Mary Black, Suzanne “Susi” Clark, Susie Connerty, Leighton Detora, Lyndall Heyer, David Jaqua, Jackson Kytle, Elizabeth “Liz” Lackey, Kaisa Spaulding Lewia, Marina Meerburg, Kermit Spaulding, Pall Spera.

• Waterville: William Baker, Bart Bezio, Trista Hutchins, Wanda Locke, Linda Ward.

• Wolcott: Katie Black, Stacey Boivin, Sarena Moodie Boland, Delores Holton, Cindy Lowell, Cornelius Reed, Linda Reeve.

Note: Johnson officials did not provide justice of the peace results as of press time. When they do, this story will be updated online.

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