LACiNg Up for Cancer Walk

The annual LACiNg Up for Cancer Walk for 2021 has been canceled.

The annual walk benefits Lamoille Area Cancer Network, a local not-for-profit that provides grants of support to cancer patients who are undergoing treatment for their disease.

“While the decision to cancel the walk disheartens the planning committee, we are asking teams and community members to consider fundraising for LACiNg Up while being creative and safe,” said event chair Kathy Demars.

“Walk Where You Can” is the theme for this year’s non-gathering event and the committee has set a goal of $150,000.

“The committee has set an aggressive goal,” said Demars. “We know this is will be challenging, but together, we can do this, but fundraising for this year’s LACiNg Up for Cancer has been extended into the fall.”

LACiNg Up has been providing grants to many community members since 2000. For the past 13 months, the network has been without the support of the walk, the Sweethearts Dance and the many smaller events due to COVID-19, and those events provide significant funding.

Last year, when COVID forced the cancellation of the 2020 walk, the LACiNg Up board assured event planners there was enough money in reserved funds.

In 2020, the network gave out 1,057 grants totaling $336,200. So far this year they have written 135 grants.

“The board agrees that it is in the best interest for the safety of our community to not hold a gathering, not while we are still in this pandemic,” said Peg Demars, a member of the bard. “While the event has been canceled, we were happy to hear the push for teams and sponsors to support LACiNg Up through more creative and safe fundraising methods. This gives us hope.”

Over the next two weeks, the LACiNg Up for Cancer committee will reach out to past sponsors and teams requesting support.

Some teams in fact have already formed. Tasha’s Faith Fighters, a team of family and friends, jumpstarted their annual raffle in celebration of Tasha Lehouillier’s life. Last year the team raised more than $13,000, and this year they have set a goal of $15,000.

The Union Bank is once again holding its annual raffle, and tickets can be purchased at local branches.

The committee is also exploring an online auction, as well as working with Pete’s Equipment for a big-ticket raffle item.

Since its first walk in 2003, the cancer walk has raised nearly $2.5 million.

If you are a past LACiNg Up for Cancer team, or someone who wants to help raise money, contact Jill Baker at 888-8302 or Kathy Demars at 888-4651, or send a message on Facebook.

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