Grout Observatory

The renovation of the observatory at Peoples Academy is almost complete.

Astronomical observatory at Peoples Academy in Morrisville is coming back online.

The renovation of the Grout Observatory at Peoples Academy is almost finished. If you’re interested in astronomy and telescopes or just want a closer look at what’s in the sky, stay tuned for our upcoming events and come on by the site.

What’s there to see, especially if you’re new to astronomy?

• The moon, taken for granted but with giant craters, mountain ranges and lakes of frozen lava.

• Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system and easily visible from almost 400 million miles away. See the four moons that Galileo discovered in 1610.

• Saturn, second to Jupiter in size and with an awe-inspiring set of rings.

• Outside the solar system, see stars, gas clouds that are the remains of exploded stars and the cradles of new ones.

And if you want to buy a telescope for yourself or your kids but aren’t sure how to proceed, Lamoille County Stargazers, a group of local amateur astronomers, including two science teachers at Peoples Academy, can help.

The renovation of Grout Observatory been done under the leadership of the Stargazers, with the generous support of the town of Morristown, Copley Fund, Morristown recreation committee, Rotary, and Peoples Academy.

Grout’s equipment includes a classic 4-inch telescope that’s 90 years old and a newer 8-inch telescope that’s mobile.

Stargazers is tentatively planning its first observing session in October, aiming at Jupiter, Saturn and a ball of thousands of stars called a globular cluster.

For information about observing dates watch this newspaper or email

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