Kate Donnally and Dan Noyes

Kate Donnally and Dan Noyes

A pair of Democrats will again be representing central Lamoille County in the Vermont House of Representatives.

Voters in Belvidere, Hyde Park, Johnson and Wolcott voted to send newcomer Kate Donnally and incumbent Dan Noyes to Montpelier. Donnally, a native of Hyde Park, and Noyes, who is from Wolcott, defeated Richard Bailey, R-Hyde Park, and Shayne Spence, R-Johnson, to win two-year terms representing the two-member district.

In a bit of a surprise, Donnally, a political newcomer, garnered just over 200 more votes than the popular Noyes to finish as the top vote-getter in the district. Donnally finished with 2,350 votes to Noyes’ 2,118. Bailey was third with 1,436 and Spence fourth with 1,357.

“I’m excited that my community decided I was a good person to send to Montpelier,” Noyes said. “I’m honored and humbled and lucky to be able to represent them in Montpelier. I’ll be as creative and involved as I can to help older Vermonters, families, all my constituents.”

“I’m really moved by it, that support in the community,” Donnally said.

From the beginning of her campaign, when she was first deciding to run, she said she wanted to make her message one of elevating the voices in her community, and voters came out in support of that idea.

“Clearly, a lot of people believed in that as well,” Donnally said. “It’s an honor, to have that many people put their trust in you. I feel the weight of that in the best way possible.”

“I really want to live up to that trust and help people in the community,” Donnally said, adding that she wants people to “know that I really am here hoping to represent everyone in the community, regardless of party.”

“I’m looking forward to a third term, we’ve got our work cut out for us,” Noyes said.

The two Democrats carried the vote in three of the four towns in the district; Donnally was the top vote-getter in her hometown of Hyde Park with 964 votes as well as in Johnson, where she got 813. Noyes was second in both, with 803 votes in Hyde Park and 687 in Johnson, and he won his hometown of Wolcott with 578 votes to Donnally’s 501.

Bailey performed best in his hometown of Hyde Park, where he got 654 votes; he earned 420 in Johnson and 286 in Wolcott. Spence did better in his hometown of Johnson, where he got 593 votes, but he fell behind in Hyde Park, where he got 456, and in Wolcott, where he got 230.

The two Republicans were the top vote getters in Belvidere; Spence got 78 votes and Bailey got 76. Donnally was just behind them with 72 and Noyes was a distant fourth with 50 votes.

Moving forward, the winners are excited to work together representing their towns and helping Vermont overcome the economic pain forced on the state by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Dan’s a great guy, he’s really well loved in his community and I’m really grateful to him, he was just so willing from the get-go to work as a team,” Donnally said.

“Kate is amazing, I’ll be lucky to serve with her,” Noyes said.

“He and I are not identical by any means,” Donnally said, “I’m sure there will be many moments when we might vote differently, but more than anything we both just believe in elevating the voices of our community. It’s definitely something we could easily unite around and I’m excited to work with him over the next couple years.”

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