In August the Craftsbury Energy Committee sponsored a firewood program to provide firewood to families who may not be able to afford it because of the pandemic, or for other reasons.

Thirteen families were provided with 16 cords of firewood in the towns of Craftsbury, Wolcott and Albany. 

The energy committee received a grant from the New England Grassroots Environment Fund to buy 10 cords of log-length firewood. Craftsbury Outdoor Center owners, Dick Dreissigacker and Judy Geer, donated and delivered six additional cords of log-length firewood.  

The energy committee modeled and worked with the Lamoille County United Way Firewood Program and supplied a few families in the area with firewood that normally the United Way would serve.

The program encouraged households that received wood to participate in processing and delivering the log-length firewood, if they were able to do so, along with other volunteers from the community. 

More than three dozen people, ages 8 to 74, including athletes from the Outdoor Center and students from Sterling College, worked side-by-side to cut, split, stack and deliver the wood.

Part of the mission of the Craftsbury Energy Committee is to promote and support practices that are sustainable for our natural environment. The committee worked with Orleans County forester Jared Nunery and local forester Rick Morrill from Greensboro to locate timber that was grown and harvested in a sustainable manner. 

Six cords of donated log-length trees were sustainably grown and sustainably harvested by Jim and Alex Labounty of Irasburg. The energy committee rounded out their firewood needs by buying 10 cords of sustainably grown and harvested wood through logger Justin Taft of Charleston.

Kevin Gregoire is chair of the Craftsbury Energy Committee.

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