After decades of silence, the Cambridge town bell will ring again.

A class of students at Cambridge Elementary School sent a letter earlier this year to the Cambridge Selectboard to ring the 150-year-old bell hidden within the town’s municipal building, the board pledged to look into it.

At 11 a.m. on Nov. 11, Veterans Day, the formerly forgotten Cambridge town bell will be rung in honor of Armistice Day, the day World War I officially ended.

The students who sent the letter, now fourth graders, will be on hand for the occasion, according to selectboard member Courtney Leitz.

The class learned about the belfry hidden in the tower of the building that houses town offices and post office during lessons on local history in the spring, which inspired their letter.

The class noted the bell used to ring to signal important news, like the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and commemorate certain events.

“Imagine seeing a bell that hasn’t been seen in over 40 years!” the class wrote. “Picture how it would bring a smile to everyone’s face to see and hear such an important part of our town’s history.”

The decision to ring the town bell to commemorate Veterans Day was set in motion by another letter, this time from Waterville resident and Veterans for Peace member Dave Ransom.

“The original intention after World War I was to set aside a day ‘dedicated to the cause of world peace.’ After World War II it was changed as a day to celebrate ‘all veterans — honorably discharged,’” Ransom wrote. “That change allowed it to grow into a day to celebrate military might and glorify war, as well as feast, completely opposite from its original intent. Veterans for Peace are acutely aware of the meaning of that change and are asking you to consider encouraging the return of the original intention of Armistice Day.”

Board member George Putnam spoke in support of the bell ringing at the Nov. 1 meeting and considered it to be a possible way to bring the Cambridge community together after a divisive election.

In a separate part of the meeting, the board discussed in detail the total architectural overhaul being planned for the municipal building and the idea making the bell more accessible by replacing one of the louvers around the bell with glass to make it more visible.

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