The original online theater piece “The Monument,” created by students in Northern Vermont University’s performance, arts, and technology program, has been selected for presentation at this year’s Kennedy Center Region 1 American College Theater Festival.

“The competition for this festival is high and this is the first Northern Vermont University production to be selected. I am particularly pleased that it is an original, student-written piece that is going to the festival,” said Isaac Eddy, assistant professor and chair, performing arts. “The program on the NVU-Johnson campus launched at the right time: we were already poised to create a new work for this new Zoom medium at a moment when most theater programs had to shoot and edit pre-recorded versions of their fall plays to stream,” he said.

The play is set in a fictional Vermont town and is based in real suffrage history with a staged Zoom select board meeting that takes place in the real problems of today.

“Think of ‘The Monument’ as ‘Our Town’ set in 2020: less swooning about memories of mom’s breakfast and a lot more arguing,” Eddy said.

The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival was held the last week of January, with “The Monument” performed live on Jan. 31. Right after the show, respondents offered feedback to Eddy and the students “to heighten the conversation with the students,” he said. “The whole Kennedy Center program is set up to nurture the theater makers of the future. To have our show be a part of this is just exciting.”

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