Pastor Ethan Kallberg gave a recap of our church’s national conference. The theme was “Making Disciples,” which is not a separate duty but part of everyday life.

The bulk of the recap was a video update from our team in Papua, New Guinea: Craig and Sara Noyes and Josh and Autumn Miller. They’ve been learning the language and culture and working with the people in their day to day lives.

There are over 52 people groups in Papua, New Guinea asking for missionaries to come. Late last year they visited and selected a group they thought would be a good fit. Building their houses was the next step. Then, COVID came. In some ways the delay has been a blessing with more time to prepare and prefab parts of their homes. They are grateful for the support, but it has been a difficult year.

The Noyeses spoke of illness, injuries and prolonged work stress. Craig is the logistics coordinator. They covet prayers for endurance, humility and parenting their three kids. The Millers have been prepping a boat and organizing medical and food orders. Both families are eager to move forward. The tribe is pleading with them to come. They will bring medical resources and develop the tribe’s first written language, teach them to read and translate the Bible.

The primary prayer request is that the COVID quarantine period ends so friends can come help build their houses.

Sunday service is inside the church at 10 a.m.

— Marian Guihan

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