The weather was cooler this past week, mostly in the 70s with nighttime temperatures getting down into the 50s. Good sleeping weather.

I’ve noticed a few trees beginning to turn color lately. We have one tree behind our house that has some orange leaves on it. It seems too early for this to happen but I say that every year about this time.

Our neighbor had a tall tree cut down Saturday morning. It was fun watching them cut it down. Our other neighbor across the road came to help, plus some others stopped to help. Traffic had to be stopped when the top section was cut and it came down into the road. It’s always good seeing neighbors helping neighbors. It looks bare out there in the yard now. 


They say things usually happen in threes. Well they did for me this week. The first thing was my refrigerator started leaking really bad down into our cellar. The refrigerator has been acting up for about two months now. Remember at the beginning of the summer we had to take everything out of it and shut it off overnight. When we turned it back on it was working pretty good. But now it is leaking water. I think it’s time for a new refrigerator.

The second thing that happened was the ABS light and the electronic stability control light came on in our car and stayed on. We took the car up to Vianor’s to see if it is safe to drive. The guy there did some test on it and said it was safe for right now but that we should bring it in on Monday so that they can look more closely at it. It has something to do with the left front wheel. It could cost a lot of money or it might be an easy fix. Hopefully it will be an easy fix.

Then, our TV fell over and the screen broke. Now we need a new TV. I am finding out that the evenings are very quiet without a TV on.

These three things, along with needing work done on our foundation on our addition and a few other repairs, almost makes me want to scream, but I won’t. A lot of people have been in this same situation, many things needing repair or replaced but no money to do it. But in the end things seem to work out if we don’t give up hope.

Merilyn Clinger celebrated her birthday many ways this past week. First, her sister, Rhoda, had her over to her house for supper on Monday. Then on Tuesday, Jean, who has come up from New Hampshire to celebrate Merilyn’s birthday, and Rhoda took Merilyn out to eat at a restaurant in Williston. Melissa Towle met them there.

Later that evening a number of family members showed up at Merilyn’s house with pizza and chocolate cake to celebrate. Overall, Merilyn said that she had a very nice birthday.

Saturday morning Martha Leonard and Merilyn Clinger went to Lowell Bible church for a ladies breakfast.

Lorenda and Mike Dunham, C.J. Manchester, and Alan Manchester came by Merilyn’s house for a visit Sunday night.

Our granddaughter, Brittany, came home for a quick visit on Friday. She left Sunday morning. She brought her pug dog, Dolly, with her. It was good to have her here even if it was for a short time.

On Saturday, Steve and I took our grandson, Monty, and our granddaughter, Mackenzie, to Echo in Burlington. On the way we bought our lunch at McDonalds, and took it to the park in Essex. After we ate and played on the playground awhile we headed to the Echo. Did you know that admission to the Echo for the summer is free to everyone? You just have to make advanced registration. The kids had a great time there. On the way home we stopped for creemees.

Mark and his family went up to Bruce’s camp Saturday night. They stayed overnight and came home Sunday.

Steve and I ate lunch at Charlmont Thursday after we had our car checked out. 

A happy birthday goes to my brother-in-law, David Purdy, on Aug. 29, who lives in Norfolk, Va., to David Lafountain on Aug. 30, and to Marlene Marion on Aug. 31.

— Susan Davis, 644-5111


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