Tuesday, Aug. 11, I was busy making a zucchini cake to take to Prime Timers the next day. Everything was mixed together except for the zucchini, which I was in the process of grating when all of a sudden the lights went out. An approaching thunderstorm made it very dark. 

I got out my lantern and flashlight and then sat in the living room and watched the lightning for a while. The lights were out for about four hours. I finished grinding my zucchini by flashlight and then I put it, along with my cake batter, into the refrigerator to be baked the next morning. 

I heard later that two lines were down. While I was sitting in the almost completely dark living room I heard a chainsaw across the river and up the hill behind our house. I was able to get to bed earlier that night than I normally do, one good thing about the storm.

Prime Timers, a group of people 50 years old and older from Lamoille Valley Church of the Nazarene, met Wednesday, Aug. 12, at the Ithiel Falls campgrounds. 

There were only seven of us but we had a good time of fellowship. I made a pea salad and my zucchini cake, which I finished that morning, for our noon meal.


It was very hot and humid on Monday last week but that didn’t stop me from finishing the weeding of my flower garden. My flower gardens are now all done.  

I was also able to pick green beans from my garden twice last week. They are now all cut up and in my freezer. I should have one more picking before I’m done with the beans.


Steve and I went to Burlington on Thursday. We ate out at the Longhorn Steakhouse. Afterwards we visited my sister, Norma, and her daughter, Chris.

Dereck and Amy Lafountain had a small graduation party for their son, Shane, on Saturday. He graduated from college in May. The party included a few friends and family members.  


The Waterville Elementary School has been getting ready for the opening of school Tuesday, Sept. 8. Parents have to decide between a hybrid option, where the student goes to school two days a week and then have remote learning at home for the other three days, or the remote option, where the students are on the computer at home all five days. 

Their decision had to be emailed to the Waterville School principal by Friday. If my children were still in school I wonder which way I would decide.  


Wednesday afternoon Steve and I took a missionary book  up to Lynne in Eden. From there we went to Cajun Snack Bar in Lowell to get an ice cream cone. It was a beautiful afternoon.

Our family met at Bruce’s camp on Lake Eden for our Sunday noon meal. This will be our last meal together with Michael with us. He heads back to college early next Sunday morning. This will be his senior year. Hopefully this coronavirus will be over with by the time he graduates next spring. 

Everyone brought something to share for our meal Sunday. I brought a macaroni salad, leftover pea salad and zucchini cake and a no-bake cherry cheese-cake. Another beautiful day.

Some other college students from town left this weekend to go back to college or to start college their freshman year. May you all have a great year.

A happy birthday goes to Corry Barry on Aug. 25, to Jordon Lafountain on Aug. 26, and to Ralph Barry Jr. and Martha Whiting, both on Aug. 27.  

A happy anniversary goes to Doug and Sue Chamberlain on Aug. 27. 

Have a great week everyone one and enjoy the cool weather this week.   

— Susan Davis, 644-5111


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