This last weekend we had a stretch of hot, humid weather. Quite the change from the beginning of the week. We went from 50-degree weather to 90-degree weather. This week it is supposed to stay in the 70s and 80s with lower humidity after Monday and Tuesday.

I forgot to put in last week that they stocked the river with trout here in Waterville. Usually they walk across our yard and put the fish in the river beside our house. This year the day they came we had our front yard full of dump trucks and a backhoe. That was the day they dug the trench and put in drainage on the side of our house. So they parked a little ways down the road from our house and put the fish in the river near where people go swimming now. All that to say, there is now more fish in the river.

The raffle for the quilt, which was started before the coronavirus came, will now continue, starting with the selling of raffle tickets at town meeting. The drawing for the quilt will take place on June 29. 

A number of the Manchester clan came to Merilyn Clinger’s on Memorial Day for games and a meal. Merilyn went to a DAR convention in Montpelier on Saturday, June 5. 

Most of the beginning of last week I was trying to get our house looking halfway decent for the return of our daughter, Ruth, from Kentucky on Friday. She is only going to be here until Monday but I still wanted the house to be looking good. I changed the decorations on our kitchen and dining room tables, cleaned the upstairs bathroom and took care of some of my snowmen.

When I took the comforter off Ruth’s bed to wash it I found out that her bed was made up for winter with an electric blanket, two other blankets and flannel sheets. It was made this way because she wasn’t planning on coming home until Christmas but then she became engaged to be married and plans changed. She decided to come home this last weekend because her niece was planning a bridal shower for her. I quickly changed her bed for the summer, which would be much better to sleep in with the heat wave we were having.


On Thursday, Steve and I went to Burlington to get a few things and to get a new watch band for my watch. Mine was hanging by just a few threads. Steve and I ate supper at the 99 and then we went to visit my sister, Norma, and her daughter, Chris.

I went and got some rhubarb on Wednesday from a friend here in town. Friday I started cutting up enough rhubarb and strawberries to make three strawberry-rhubarb pies. I didn’t have a chance to make them, however, until Saturday morning. One of them went to our neighbor across the road as a thank you gift for blowing the snow out of our driveway this last winter. The other two we kept. At 10:15 p.m. Friday we were at the Burlington airport to pick up our daughter, Ruth.

The bridal shower took place in Barre. Ten people came. Five of those people stayed for a bachelorette party overnight. I didn’t stay. That’s for the younger generation. When I got home from the shower I made a maple cream pie to give away to Lynne Domina, whose name I drew at our church.

Our Sunday meal was at Bruce’s camp on Lake Eden. What a beautiful day to be at the lake. Our grandkids had fun in the water and Ruth went kayaking. So did Mark and Mackenzie. Our dessert was the strawberry-rhubarb pie, a request of Ruth’s. We also had taco salad and carrot cake, leftovers from the bridal shower, potato salad and hamburgers and hot dogs. It was a fun day.

A number of the Manchester’s were at their cabin on Lake Eden on Sunday also.

A happy birthday to Christine Bean on June 11, Shyanne Lafountain June 12, Wayne and Joan Tobin June 13, Sue Chamberlain June 14, Donnie Lynch June 16, and Maria Burt June 17.

A happy anniversary to Brian and Carol Towle June 16.

Have a great week everyone and remember to drink a lot of water during these hot spells so you won’t become dehydrated.

— Susan Davis, 644-5111


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